Norhan Sayegh

My name is Norhan Sayegh. I teach grades Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven English Language. I have been teaching since 2018.

It definitely feels great to have a chance in making a student know how to express him or her self in a certain language. And this is actually the objective behind teaching students English. Students are taught Grammar and spelling lessons in order to make usage of them when they write. They should read to get the accent and learn the beauty of those British and American dialects that are sprinkled over the English language. In addition to that, they read to learn how to speak out whenever they feel the need to. Moreover, students listen, read and speak for the sake of learning how to write. And this is the case where they reach a point expertly writing correctly and speaking fluently. This is how they learn English and this is how they learn how to really express themselves when it comes to English.

Education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead, and what if this education came in the language of love and internationality? Your child would certainly lead!